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These beams aren’t just for show. Like many of the Central Valley historic buildings, the Cannery boasts an agricultural heritage thanks to the region’s natural bounty and central location to California’s population centers.

The Libby, McNeil and Libby Fruit and Vegetable Cannery was built in 1912. At the time, these nine original brick structures cost $1 million to built total. Libby chose the location due to its strategic access to two separate railways, including the rail line that formerly ran through R Street in Sacramento.


Libby operated at The Cannery for nearly 70 years before shuttering its operation in the late 1980’s. The building’s new owners, who purchased the property for $2.5 million, saw the immense potential for office space in the State’s Capitol. It turns out they were right, because just five years later, the redevelopment was valued at $30 million.


Now owned by renowned Sacramento-based property developers Fulcrum Property, the rustic beauty and industrial heritage of The Cannery shines. The buildings are home to some of the region’s most innovative and disruptive firms like The Urban Hive, ¬†SupportPay and UC Davis Health.